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Jill Andersen –

Steve Ciolek

Nancy Collins

Laurie Curran -

Briana Fischer -

Laurie Hansch -

Christa Jones -

Kurt Kimmel -

Jennifer Love -

Cynthia McGinley -

Elizabeth Morgan -

Colleen Myers -

Heidi Neeve -

Sandra Okugawa -

Cathleen Olmstead -

Suzie Picciano -

Elisa Schoonover -

Diana Stratford -

Carrie Wulf -

Amy Zeppa -


TEACHER WEBSITES - If a link is blue and underlined it is a link to a teacher's website.

Transitional Kindergarten
Elizabeth Morgan Teacher
Jill Andersen Teacher
Jennifer Love Teacher
Suzie Picciano Teacher
1st Grade
Briana Fischer Teacher
Christa Jones Teacher
Elisa Schoonover Teacher
2nd Grade
Laurie Hansch Teacher
Cathleen Olmstead Teacher
Diana Stratford Teacher
3rd Grade
Cynthia McGinley Teacher
Heidi Neeve Teacher
Sandra Okugawa Teacher
Carrie Wulf Teacher
4th Grade
Laureen Curran Teacher
Colleen Myers Teacher
Heidi Neeve Teacher
Amy Zeppa Teacher
5th Grade
Steven Ciolek Teacher
Nancy Collins Teacher
Laureen Curran Teacher
Kurt Kimmel Teacher