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Parking & Traffic Reminders



Moulton’s Traffic Safety Rules and Guidelines

Moulton School Driveway and Parking Lots

1. The middle parking lot is for the use of parents and visitors (with the exception of four parking spaces marked as Staff Parking).

2. The upper parking lot (near the office) is for STAFF ONLY and is closed during school hours for unloading/loading.

3. The lowest parking lot (near the field) and four parking spaces in the middle lot are for STAFF ONLY. Please do not park in Staff Parking --- even if "just for a moment."

4. The school driveway and parking lots are closed to vehicles while students are arriving/leaving:

 AM: Monday - Friday from 7:30 to 7:50 AM (Note: students may not be dropped off before 7:30 AM)

 PM: From 5 minutes before dismissal time until students are clear of the driveway.

o Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 2:00 to approx. 2:20 PM

o Thursday from 12:45 to approx. 1:10 PM

o Modified Schedules during 1st/Last Day of School, Back to School Night, Conferences

During these times, cars may not enter or leave the driveway and all cars must remain parked in their parking spaces until Moulton staff members signal that the driveways are open for exit/entrance.

5. Always observe the direction of Moulton Staff on duty in the school driveway or parking lots.

6. Do not park in the RESERVED PTA/RMIQ parking spaces in the middle lot---even if "just for a moment". These spaces were designated for fundraising purposes to benefit Moulton students.

7. Red Curbs are No Parking Zones.

8. Do not exit your vehicle --- even for "just a moment "---unless parked in a visitor parking space.

Highlands Avenue and Surrounding Neighborhoods

9. Cars must be all the way at the curb to pick up and drop off children. Children should exit on the passenger-side only. Do not double-park. Drivers should pull forward as far as possible in the Unloading Zones along Highlands.

10. No parking in the "Unloading" Zones on Highlands Avenue during the posted hours (7:00-8:00 AM). The loading zones are meant for cars to drop off their students and continue. There is no double-parking to wait for another car to leave the curb. (Note that students may not be dropped off before 7:30 AM)

11. Do not park at a red curb.

12. Always use the crosswalk when crossing Highlands Avenue.

13. Obey the Crossing Guard and her sign in the crosswalk at Tamarron and Highlands during arrival/dismissal.

14. No cell phone use in the school’s loading/unloading zone.

15. No children can exit vehicles on the driver’s side.

16. Children should be prepared to exit the car promptly with all school materials.

All State and Local Safety and Traffic Laws are in effect.

We regularly have officers present to facilitate safety.

Together we can make Moulton a safe school for all!


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